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Consciously sourced, single-origin beans, delivered fresh.

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Consciously Sourced

Our roasters work directly with coffee farmers and importers to get access to the best microlot and single-origin beans.

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Delivered Fresh

We ship your coffee just days after roasting to ensure maximum freshness and a flavorful experience.

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Beautiful Coffee

You brew amazing coffee from the comfort of your home. We provide brewing-guides & drinkware for on-the-go enjoyment.

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Latin Americas

Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru

chocolately and nutty bodies, coupled with citrus and tangerine undertones.

East Africas

Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda

bright and vibrant coffees, typically with citrus and floral aromatics.

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Features our favorite single-origin coffees from around the world - call it a surprise!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Virtuous Coffee work?

    We make great coffee seamless and more accessible so that you can start enjoying amazing coffee experiences. Simply pick an origin and a frequency - we take care of the rest. All of our coffees are specialty grade, single-origin and shipped fresh, just days after roasting. We cover all of the shipping costs for orders within the United States and split the bill for all of our customers abroad!

  • How much coffee will I receive?

    Our standard Virtuous Coffee Subscription Box comes with 12 ounces of specialty grade, single-origin coffee, from a region of your choice. This is enough for about 15 cups of coffee. Our Trial Box includes a couple different 2-oz samples, good for a 2-3 cups of coffee each! If you are ever running short of coffee - updating your shipping frequency is quick and easy!

  • How often will I get a shipment?

    We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly shipments. It's totally up to you to choose how often you want a fresh batch of coffee.

  • What does 'single-origin' mean?

    Single-origin means that the coffee was grown on a single farm, or a small cooperative of farms. They offer traceability into where the coffees were sourced, how they were dried and washed, and the altitude at which the coffee was grown. This is important in not only establishing a connection with your coffee, but also in increasing accountability. With full traceability, everyone in the supply-chain is working extra hard to produce an ethical and high-quality product. Single-origin coffee also means that your cup is as robust and genuine as the farmer intended.

  • What equipment do I need to brew coffee at home?

    We are huge proponents of manually brewing coffee using either the pour-over (Chemex, Hario v60) or immersion method (French Press, Aeropress). Most set-ups are highly customizable and can range from super simple to extremely dialed in! For starters, a simple French Press will do the trick.

    You can also brew our coffee using any other method that you may already enjoy. Drip brewers and Keurigs will work just fine too!

  • What if I don't have a coffee grinder?

    We want to make your journey into specialty coffee as easy and effortless as possible. Tell us what your grind preference is and we will ship your beans perfectly ground at no extra cost.